'Having had major back surgery, I was advised to do Pilates to help strengthen my back and core. Having been put in touch with Shanie, I participated in her classes and found her to be very patient, approachable and willing to help. She explained the movements in detail, making sure I always carried them out correctly every time.
I decided to have one to one lessons to further improve my core and posture, which have vastly improved my technique, strength and core. I would recommend Shanie to anybody and for any ability. She is an excellent teacher, approachable and fun.'

Nick Girdler

'Shanie's commitment to her clients is second to none. I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level I should be working at and I always feel reenergised after each session. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, the quality of her teaching makes every session fun.'

John Kane

'I am a woman of 58 years old and to be trueful I have let my body go over the years. I was recommended to see a Pilates instructor as I was getting a lot of tightness across my shoulders and found it difficult turning my head to the right when driving, I also suffer from Planta Fasciitis in my left foot.
I saw Shanie for private one-to-one sessions where she taught me good body posture, as I tended to stoop forward. She helped me increase my range of movements in my shoulder girdle with various gentle exercises as I was quite kyphotic, she also gave me exercises to strengthen my calf muscles which has helped my foot problem. I enjoyed working with Shanie, as soon as I meet her I felt as ease, at no time did she rush me or make me do anything I felt uncomfortable with. I feel I have come away with a better awareness of my body and I am still practicing these exercises in the comfort of my own home. I would recommend seeing Shanie she is very experienced and offers good advise.'

Kim Gateson

'I had been looking for a good Pilate's class for quite a while and a friend recommend Shanie. It was the best recommendation in ages. She teaches all levels, concentrating heavily on alignment, strength and core that are the three main areas I wanted to work on. I have lower back issues and need to strengthen my muscles around this area especially after a bicycle accident in August. Working with Shanie I have vastly improved and was able to compete in a half marathon in September and participate in regular 50-60 mile cycle rides. I continue to attended Shanie's classes and have also set up a class at my work place that she teaches. She is not only a very good instructor but also fun and friendly, always making you feel at ease and has the patience of a saint. She gets stuck straight into the class completing a lot of moves whilst making sure we all are using the correct technique. I will always use her and highly recommend her.'

Lesley Clinkscales